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After some deliberation, I decided to lock my fediverse account.

So I screwed up recently, and made a transformation shitpost where a transformation shitpost wasn't welcome and was considered suggestive material. In addition, this incident just so happened to occur on the account of a minor. The combination of these two things lead to what appeared to be a very sketchy situation. While the offending post was not of a sexual nature (it was literally just me associating the act of “kinning” to clone TF, as at the time, it seemed like they had close similarities), nor do I ever post content of any sexual nature as I admittedly lack any such desire (yes, I'm ace, is this a crime?), this is not a good look, and it lead me to realize how irresponsible my behavior has been. I took a rather laissez-faire approach to non-sexual – yet potentially kink-related – content, and over much thought and deliberation over the past day or so, I've decided that it's time for me to buckle down and be responsible about this, before it's too late.

As of today, March 28th, 2019, my account will be locked, with a new Do Not Interact if <18 rule appended to my account. I do not know if I follow or am followed by any minors, but if I am, I request you immediately unfollow me. I will also be going through my follow lists and will be removing/blocking any user who is under 18 years of age as necessary.

Age is more than a number

I've, admittedly, held contempt from when I was a teenager about gating off anyone under the age of 18. It seemed like such an arbitrary thing to me at the time, and even after I had become 18, I still failed to understand why minors shouldn't be able to converse with adults on the Internet about safe-for-work, non-sexual content. It took me until now to really come to terms with the fact this is not to “punish” minors, but this is an action taken to play things safe.

The fact of the matter is, while I personally think non-sexual, safe-for-work transformation content is perfectly fine to show to minors, and is something you will find in content produced for kids' entertainment, this belief is not shared by all. To pretend that this content will still be OK for me to openly present to an audience that includes minors, is to gamble against the possibility of winding up in front of a judge and a jury who see furry transformation as little more than a sexual fantasy, and a prosecuting attorney who will do everything in their power to solidify this belief in their minds. While furry transformation is far more than just this to me and to plenty of others who possess some amount of species dysphoria, trying to convince regular, ordinary people of this would be a tall order I would trust very few (if any) lawyers to be able to pull off, let alone myself and whatever lawyer my empty bank account and my essentially invisible presence on the Internet would buy me.

If you read this and go “oh Frinkel, you're just overemphasizing, this would never actually happen”, the possibility is non-zero, the risk is life-ending, and the reward is getting to talk to maybe a few people I wouldn't be able to otherwise. That, and I have to face the music; I've grown up from my teenage years, and I don't really have much in the way of friends who are under the legal age anymore. Anyone who is under 18 is at least five years younger than me. My close circle of friends, as well as basically all of the people I talk to on a regular basis, are 18 years of age or older.

I'm thankful to any deity that may be listening that I have not spelled my doom yet with my open approach to SFW transformation shitposting. I think, however, it's time I change the way I behave online, instead of depending on fortune and/or the generosity of such a deity to keep me safe from whatever could go wrong.